Sets and supersets

The Hydra Suite is flexible enough so you can use it to:

  • Manage a single machine using hydractl command.
  • Manage a set or a subset of machines – a network – from the same organization using hydra command.
  • Manage a superset of machines – a constelation – comprised of one or more organizations using hydras command.

Creating a new network

Use the following commands to create the needed repositories when starting a new network:

hydra example init   ~/file/example
hydra example config domain

This makes ~/files/example the base folder for all configuration of the network of machines called example.

Managing an existing network

If you have enough credentials (ssh pubkey set in the server), you can fetch all the needed repositories and configurations to a local folder ~/file/example using simply the following command:

hydra example init ~/file/example

This will try to fetch a superproject from – if exists, plus submodules – or each git repository used by a network previously created by the init action (config.git, puppet.git, etc).